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Welcome To Kana:takon School!

Kana:takon School is home to the Skahwatsi:ra Language Program. An immersion approach to learning the Kanien’keha Language where most courses are offered in Kanien’keha. Students from Head Start to grade 4 are provided language rich programming that focuses on Literacy, Science, Math and Social Studies/Culture. We offer a transition program for students in grades five and six, that develops and strengthens their English language skills. The staff at Kana:takon School work with students to instill pride in their language and culture. They plan ceremonies, socials, and other events that welcome the students’ families into the schools to help build our school community. Moving forward, our focus is on developing curriculum and creating community partnerships to strengthen our program and language. We will continue to build on assessment strategies for our teachers and students to use, and we will continue to grow our school programming through integration of technology to ensure student engagement and success.


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